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New Features of the Windows eBook Reader

For more information on the latest eBook Reader, please read the section 'New Features in this version' of the user manual available here.

In summary:


• IMO official certificate of IMO publications.

• New Favourites option to store the most used eBooks in a convenient way.

• Ability to open documents in a new window (useful for multiple screens setup).

• New continuous page horizontal mode showing more than one page on a large monitor.

• Installing new eBooks no longer causes the eBook reader to shut down and re-open.

• Improved dictionary lookup (the user need only right-click on a word rather than  having to fully select it).

• Improved document updates (sent via Internet or e-mail) directly correcting individual pages or individual documents.

• Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.


• Dictionary of Maritime Terms.

• Improved Search function.

• Direct link from system annotation to Internet Updates.

• User can choose to remove all superseded eBooks in one operation.

• Technical support interface now added.

• Export any list of documents as Excel grid.

• Witherby and IMO codes are now displayed on the eBook Preview page.

• Locked Book Padlock Icon now visible on menu tree.

• New User Manual

• Various bug fixes and speed improvements.