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Standalone and Network Usage

Installing the eBook reader on a Network

For the installation of the network version, the eBook Reader and data files need to be copied to a shared network folder. For small networks, this shared folder can be on a client PC or NAS unit.

Client machines with Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to 3.5 installed (all the Windows 7 machines by default) do not require extra installation.
There is just a shortcut to create to the eBook Reader.exe file on the network and this can be done by a Group Policy (

Users on the client machines should have write access to the shared network folder.

For comprehensive Network installation instructions click HERE.

 More information on licence types


Contents of the Standalone/Network PDF:

  • Network and Standalone Licences
  • Network Licence Use


Download Standalone/Network PDF


This PDF is an extract from the full eBook Reader Manual which can be downloaded by clicking HERE.