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Download and Install the eBook Reader Application and eBooks


  1. Download the eBook Reader application from HERE.
    1. The application downloads a file called: InstalReader.exe.
    2.  Navigate to this file on your computer and double-click on it.
    3. Click 'Run' on the security screen that displays and the applications starts to install. 
  2. Install the eBook Reader.
    1. Follow all the on-screen instructions and install to the default locations.
  3. Run the eBook Reader.
    1. Click on the desktop short cut that was created during the installation process.
    2. The eBook reader will open but will have no eBooks installed. 
  4. Install eBooks
    1. With the eBook reader open click on the  import books button, the import eBooks screen displays.
    2. You can install using your licence code entering  your licence code (READ-...) and press [Submit].
    3. Press [Download Selected] then [Install All].
    4. Click on the book cover to unlock it. Enter your licence code (READ-...) again.
    5. NOTE: eBooks can be purchased from (or your chart agent). You are issued a licence code when you purchase one or more eBooks.
  5. The eBook is ready for use.


NOTE: if you are installing from a disk, such as Seamanship Library, there will be eBooks included in the install - these will have to be unlocked before they can be used. The licence codes to unlock eBooks can be purchased from (or your chart agent)


The process shown above is a condensed version detailed below in the Installation PDF.



Contents of the Installation PDF:

  • Installing the eBook Reader
    • Downloading and Installing from the Internet
    • Installing from Disk
  • Buying a New eBook
  • Licencing
  • Downloading and Installing an eBook using the eBook Reader
  • Downloading and Installing an eBook Directly from your Computer


Download The Installation PDF


This PDF is an extract from the full eBook Reader Manual which can be downloaded by clicking HERE.