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FAQ #1 We don't have a permanent Internet connection on board. How can we install the e-book?

An Internet connection is not necessary to unlock the e-book.

From the start screen of the program, you will find as second and third options (follow the diagram displayed and click on the appropriate button):

     • generate automatically an e-mail (if the PC itself has e-mail connection) or
     • obtain a piece of text to paste in an e-mail on the PC connected to the satcom system.

This text contains the CD code and the serial number unique to each computer, like:
[Unicode: yes] (please always include this in your message) [Box Code: SGT5-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX][Serial Number: A000-B111-C222-D333-E4] [Surname: ] [Firstname:][Company: ][Address: ][PostCode: ][City: ][Country: ][Phone: ][Reply Address: ]

The CD code can be found on the Installation Instructions insert (inside the book, together with the CD). It is a kind of 'pin' code that lets you access your unlock code.  Sending an e-mail with this text to our unlock server (subject = unlock SGT5) will generate an automatic reply with the unlock code to type in the red box at the bottom of the screen.

The unlock code will look like AAA0-BBB1-CCC2-DDD3-E4.

FAQ #2 Can I install ISGOTT on my network in order to access the e-book from multiple PCs?

The CD is sold as an add-on to the book and is as such a stand-alone application.

The e-book can be installed on a network folder but it will only work on one single dedicated client PC. The .Net security settings will probably need to be adjusted to allow the e-book to run from the network (see details below).
It is therefore recommended to install the e-book on a local drive (e.g. C:).
The checklists of the book can be accessed as unprotected PDF documents in the \CheckLists folder of the CD-ROM.

Please contact Witherby Seamanship International Ltd for any enquiry about networkable e-books.

Microsoft .Net Framework Security Adjustment for ISGOTT:

Adjusting the Microsoft Dotnet Framework security settings to fully trust a network folder containing the ISGOTT e-book is done as follow (supposing the e-book installed in J:\Common\ISGOTT_Ebook_v5):

     • Go to the Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration.
     • Select Runtime Security Policy - Machine - Code Groups - All_Code. 
     • Right-Click on the tree node 'All_Code'. 
     • Select New. Create a new code group called 'ISGOTT'. 
     • Click Next. 
     • Select the membership condition type URL then enter URL: file://J:/Common/ISGOTT_Ebook_v5/* (the * is important). 
     • Click Next. 
     • Use existing permission set: FullTrust. 
     • Click Next. Click Finish. 
     • After adding the new permission, go back to it (right-click on it Properties) and tick the box 'Policy levels below this level will not be evaluated'. 
     • Close the configuration tool.

Restart the program.

You can also do this automatically by downloading and running DotNetSecurity(.exe) Click here to download. Once downloaded you will need to extract the ZIP file.

NOTE: You may get a warning message. Please just ignore as the ZIP file is perfectly safe. 

For XP and Vista users...To extract the DotNetSecurity.exe  file, double-click on the file. Then, drag the file to a location of your choice. Alternatively right-click on the zip file, and then click Extract All. In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, specify where you want to store the extracted file.

*If you are using an older version of Windows then you will need to download a zip file extractor ultility,7-Zip is available as a free download* 

Note that there is an easy way to deal with the .Net programs security problem when running from the local network: you can give Full Trust to the Local Intranet zone as a whole on the client PC (using the Adjust .Net Security wizard from Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizards on the client PC).

The .Net programs stored on the intranet will then have the same security level as the other (non .Net) exe, dll and ocx.

We do not recommended this solution though as it bypasses the new security layer implemented by Microsoft for the local network.

FAQ #3 Can I use the backup unlock on a second PC?

Yes, but if you have used the backup unlock code to install the e-book on a second PC, then this machine is acting as your backup PC and it is not possible to install the software on a third computer or a reinstalled PC (there is no way to tell the difference as the serial number will change). The backup unlock code has been chosen versus a single unlock that you can reclaim because the reclaim process is complex if the PC is not permanently connected to the Internet, often the case on board of vessels.

FAQ #4 I’m using Vista and cannot run the program from the hard disk

You need to run the software once (and unlock it) with administrative rights. With Vista, this means that you need to right-click on the e-book icon and select 'Run As Administrator'. It is necessary even if you have full administrative rights on your PC. This is part of the new security restrictions of Vista.

FAQ #5 I'm running Vista and after copying the e-book to the hard disk, I get the message 'This program might not have installed correctly'

You can safely select 'This program installed correctly'. The e-book is not installing components to your PC but just copying files to it. This is to simplify the installation process but Vista incorrectly thinks that a problem has occurred because no entry is created in the Add/Remove programs list.

To 'uninstall' the e-book, you just need to delete the whole 'ISGOTT' folder.
To reinstall the e-book, run it from the CD again.

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