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Digital Outfit Manager

27 Sept 2013 - Update

The 'Seamanship Library - Digital Outfit Manager' manages the digital versions of those Nautical Publications and regulatory products (flag State Circulars & Shipping Notices), including those that are specifically identified for mandated Carriage Requirement on board ship. It also provides publication outfit management and is capable of being integrated with any digital product that requires correction and updating.

The Seamanship Library - Digital Outfit Manager, is an advanced version of the software that underpins Witherbys' established eBook technology, which is configured to manage weekly notices to mariners for publications and any digital data for carriage on board ship that requires to be updated at specific intervals to remain valid.

The update management system is fully proven and we are currently assimilating data into it from a number of Hydrographic Offices.

For further information:

The Seamanship Library - Digital Outfit Manager has been designed to cover the needs of people working both onshore and offshore for the viewing of technical publications. It allows companies and individuals to build and customize their own digital library from over 600 industry eBooks including publications from IMO, OCIMF, SIGTTO, BIMCO, INTERTANKO, UK P&I Club, Shipping Guides, TSCF, Gastech, CDI, MARISEC, and MNTB.

Recommended Reading lists are available to help in the decision making process.

The software is available in two versions; Standalone for installation onto a single PC or Network Version for installation onto a server.

The Installation DVD comes pre-loaded with over 250 carefully selected eBooks and Flag State Regulations.
Download the list of eBooks here: EBOOKS ON DVD.

For SIRE/OVID inspectors, see SIRE/OVID.

An update DVD is dispatched every 6 months; these contain notifications and updates to the eBooks. The DVD also contains new publications which users can choose to purchase if required. The update DVD means users will have access to the latest industry publications ready for unlocking when required.

Key Features:
• Pre-loaded DVD with over 250 eBooks to choose from plus hundreds more to add from our portfolio
• Powerful Fast Search Engine - search the whole Library / Only Selected eBooks or categories / only eBooks you have unlocked or just within a single eBook
• Sync the system to receive Updates and Notifications (internet connection needed for this feature)
• Copy / paste text and images
• Print
• Add Annotations and Bookmarks
• 6 Monthly update DVD
• Network Version Available

Recommended reference guidelines per ship type or per specific operation

How to start your library?
 1. Choose the reader – Standalone or Network
 2. Choose the eBooks you require – why not view our recommended reading lists to help
 3. Go online to to place your order or Tel: 01506 463 227

If you have a specific question about eBooks and digital publications we’d be happy to help, please email: