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Screen Display Problems

How to resolve Screen Layout errors

This information relates to the following products:
Engineering Knowledge, Engineering Examiner OOW, Engineering Examiner 2nd Engineer, Signals Tutor, Rules of the Road US Add-on

The screen layout on some of the Witherby Seamanship International programs can be affected by the Windows Font Size setting. This can cause a range of undesirable effects - for example, the section titles may be out of alignment with the corresponding link in Engineering Knowledge; in Signals Tutor it may not be possible to view the bottom part of the screen which contains the transmitted message. If you experience a problem with the screen layout of your software, please try the following steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Right-click on an empty area of the Windows desktop and select Properties (you can also bring up this screen from the Start Menu by selecting Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and double-clicking on Display.
  2. Click on the Settings tab and then click the Advanced button. Check the setting for the Font Size setting. If it does not say "Small Fonts" or "Normal 96 dpi" you may have problems with your screen layout when using the above programs.
  3. To correct the screen layout, change the Font Size setting to "Small Fonts" by clicking on it and selecting from the list which appears.

How to resolve Blank Screen errors

This information relates to the following products:
Rules of the Road, Ship Stability OOW, Parts of the Seamanship Library and Training packages 

These programs make use of the Internet Explorer engine to display information stored in the same format as web pages. For this reason some settings of Internet Explorer can affect these programs. If your program opens with a blank white screen and no text whatsoever visible try to rectify the problem using the following method:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. From the Internet Explorer menu, select View -> Encoding and check your current settings. If you have "Auto-Select" selected it seems to stop these programs from displaying properly. There may also be problems if you do not have "Western European" selected.
  3. After deselecting "Auto-Select" and selecting Western European encoding (if possible) restart your software and you may find that the problem is solved.

N .B. It would seem that the above solution does not work for all users. We are continuing to investigate the problem and more information will be given here as and when we have resolved the problem further.