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Network Installation Problems

NOTE: This instruction is for Non-eBook reader software. For eBook Reader Network information Click HERE.

PCk - Unable to read protection information:
If running from a network folder/drive, the most probable cause for this error is the permission problem linked to the additional security layer introduced by Microsoft for the .Net Framework programs.

There are two ways to solve the problem:

1) Install the software on the local hard disk (e.g. C: or D:)
2) Try to adjust the Microsoft .Net Framework security settings to fully trust the folder containing the software on the network disk.

Adjust the .Net Framework Settings:
This can be done as follow (For example the e-book is installed in C:\ISGOTT):

1) Go to the Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration
2) Select Runtime Security Policy - Machine - Code Groups - All Code - My_Computer_Zone
3) Right-Click on the tree node 'My_Computer_Zone'.
4) Select New. Create a new code group called 'ISGOTT'.
5) Click Next. 
6) Select the membership condition type URL then enter the following URL: file://C:/ISGOTT/* (the * is important).
7) Click Next.
8) Use existing permission set: FullTrust.
9) Click Next. Click Finish.
10) Close the configuration tool.

Restart the program from the hard disk.

You can also do this automatically by downloading and running DotNetSecurity(.exe) Click here to download. Once downloaded you will need to extract the ZIP file. 

For XP and Vista users...To extract the DotNetSecurity.exe  file, double-click on the file. Then, drag the file to a location of your choice. Alternatively right-click on the zip file, and then click Extract All. In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, specify where you want to store the extracted file.

*If you are using an older version of Windows then you will need to download a zip file extractor ultility,7-Zip is available as a free download* 

Note that there is an easy way to deal with the .Net programs security problem when running from the local network: you can give Full Trust to the Local Intranet zone as a whole on the client PC (using the Adjust .Net Security wizard from Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizards on the client PC).

The .Net programs stored on the intranet will then have the same security level as the other (non .Net) exe, dll and ocx.

We do not recommended this solution though as it bypasses the new security layer implemented by Microsoft for the local network.