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Mooring Equipment Guidelines 3

FAQ #1 We don't have a permanent Internet connection on board. How can we install the e-book?

An Internet connection is not necessary to unlock the e-book.

From the start screen of the program, you will find as second and third options (follow the diagram displayed and click on the appropriate button):

• generate automatically an e-mail (if the PC itself has e-mail connection) or
• obtain a piece of text to paste in an e-mail on the PC connected to the satcom system.

This text contains the CD code and the serial number unique to each computer, like:
[Unicode: yes] (please always include this in your message) [Box Code: MEG3-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX][Serial Number: A000-B111-C222-D333-E4] [Surname: ] [Firstname: ][Company: ][Address: ][PostCode: ][City: ][Country: ][Phone: ][Reply Address: ]
The CD code can be found on the Installation Instructions insert (inside the book, together with the CD). It is a kind of 'pin' code that lets you access your unlock code.
Sending an e-mail with this text to our unlock server ( (subject = unlock MEG3) will generate an automatic reply with the unlock code to type in the red box at the bottom of the screen.
The unlock code will look like AAA0-BBB1-CCC2-DDD3-E4.

FAQ #2 Can I install the e-book on my network in order to access the e-book from multiple PCs?
The CD is sold as an add-on to the book and is as such a stand-alone application.
The e-book can be installed on a network folder but it will only work on one single dedicated client PC.
For the sake of simplicity, it is therefore strongly suggested to install the e-book on your local disc (i.e. usually C:\ drive) and not on a network folder.

The Microsoft .Net security settings may need to be adjusted to allow the e-book to run from the network. Errors like 'Request for the permission of type ... failed' will occur if the permissions are not granted.
Run DotNetSecurity2(.exe) on the CD '\Utilities\Network folder security' folder to solve this. Open README(.txt) in the same folder for details on how to use this utility program.

Please contact for any enquiry about networkable e-books.

FAQ #3 Can I use the backup unlock on a second PC?
Yes, but if you have used the backup unlock code to install the e-book on a second PC, then this machine is acting as your backup PC and it is not possible to install the software on a third computer or a reinstalled PC (there is no way to tell the difference as the serial number will change). The backup unlock code has been chosen versus a single unlock that you can reclaim because the reclaim process is complex if the PC is not permanently connected to the Internet, often the case on board of vessels.

FAQ #4 I'm getting the error 'The Application failed to initialize properly'
The Microsoft .Net framework 2.0 has not been installed properly. Go to the CD \Utilities\Dotnet folder and run 'dotnetfx.exe').

FAQ #5 When searching for a keyword, I'm getting the error 'Unhandled exception (...). Could not load file or assembly dtSearchNetApi2'
The Microsoft Visual C 2005 Redistributable files have not been installed properly. Go to the CD \Utilities\Microsoft Visual C folder and run 'vcredist_x86.exe').

FAQ #6 The e-book doesn't open on my Windows XP/Vista 64-bit Edition
Please download and install the 64-bit patch by Clicking here