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Keeping Updated

Synch ‘The Digital Outfit Manager’ to receive updates
Today PC users at home and in the office are used to ‘synchronising’ applications (for example, you regularly synchronise virus software in order to receive notifications of the most recent updates which can be downloaded).

Notices of new editions are displayed as a note within the system which remain highlighted until they are read. The notice can then be deleted by the user.
Please be aware that these notes will only appear when the system is connected to the internet.


Updates to software are also available via online syncronisation.

For purchasers of the M-Notice Annual Consolidated Version, updates will be sent directly to the system.

When a user adds a new edition of an existing eBook, the older edition will not be deleted by the program. To do this the user must manually delete the eBook, and confirm the action, which will remove the eBook from the program.

Auto Renew
‘The Digital Outfit Manager’ auto-supply service assists customers in keeping their digital publications up to date.

Auto-Supply is offered to anyone who has purchased eBooks from us.

Simply let us know the eBooks with which you must keep up to date, and we will ensure that you receive the new edition as soon as it is available.