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How It Works


Simply buy what you need
As a user of The Digital Outfit Manager, you will receive a disc with the requested eBooks, ready to install onto your PC. You will be provided with a unique code which will allow access to the specific eBooks which you have purchased. However, you still have the option to purchase/download further eBooks as and when you require them.

Access the eBooks dependent upon your area or speciality
Depending on ship type or your area of particular interest or speciality, we have a list of recommended eBooks for each topic– for example, Liquefied Gas, Bulk Carriers, or Chemical Tankers

Add single eBooks to further customise your Library
You can also add any available title, from over 600 currently available eBooks to ‘The Digital Outfit Manager’, making it a fully customisable system.

Search eBooks for key words / titles; the search can cover all the eBooks in the system which or for specific searches you can apply your search to apply only to products you own and have already unlocked or even specific categories within the system.

Make your own notes
You can edit text and add annotations (like you would on a physical book).

System Requirements
·  Windows XP SP2/SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (except RT Tablets) Operating System (32 bits or 64 bits).

·  Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 (preinstalled in Visa/Windows 7).

·  Hard Disc space required by the program: approximately 100 MB.

·  Hard Disc space required by each eBook: approximately 1 MB to 50 MB depending on the content (average size = 5 MB)

·  Minimum 1024x 768 resolution.
The eBook Reader software is available as a download or on CD/DVD. If using a physical media, the computer must have a CD/DVD drive but only to install the program. Alternatively, the content of the disc can be transferred to another media like a USB memory stick for installation on laptops without disc drive.

Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) and virtual environments are not supported.

Network eBooks run from a shared network folder on an Intranet. To obtain a network eBook Reader disc (the network version is not available for download), please contact Witherby Publishing. Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) and virtual environments are not supported.

Note for Mac Users:
Mac users can read Windows eBooks with Boot Camp or virtual machines such as Parallels Desktop, Virtual Box, ...
Alternatively, Cloud (online) eBooks are accessible on Mac, including the Silverlight plugin with offline mode.

Note for Linux Users:
Linux users can read Windows eBooks with virtual machines such as Virtual Box.
Alternatively, the HTML version of the Cloud (online) eBooks is accessible.

Note for Android and Windows RT Users:
Tablet owners can use the HTML version of the Cloud (online) eBooks.