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Marine industry standard eBook format
The *.ebk format used for ‘Seamanship Library’ is the standard eBook format for regulatory, operational and technical publications in the marine world. Ten years ago the ‘Seamanship Library’ was the pathfinder product that pioneered the eBook format which would go on to protect over 250,000 marine eBooks in subsequent years. Titles in this format include The International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT), Mooring Equipment Guidelines and Bridge Procedures Guide. In recent years OCIMF, SIGTTO, INTERTANKO and the International Chamber of Shipping have been among the industry organisations that have chosen this eBook format for their publications. In 2011 The International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched The IMO Bookshelf in this eBook format.

Accepted publications in electronic format
The Maritime Safety Committee, at its 81st session (10 to 19 May 2006), and the Marine Environment Protection Committee, at its 53rd session (18 to 22 July 2005), gave guidance on the carriage of publications on board ships, approved the IMO requirements on carriage of publications on board ships as follows:
Publications may be carried in the form of electronic media such as CD-ROM in lieu of hard copies. Acceptable publications in electronic form should be those issued by IMO or an Administration or a body authorized by an Administration to ensure correctness of their contents and to safeguard against illegal copying. A medium could either contain a publication or as many publications as possible. In any case, the media should be treated in accordance with the document control procedures in the ship’s SMS including procedures for timely update.
Ref: MSC-MEPC Circular
Witherby Digital's eBooks in electronic format meets these requirements.

Letters of Recognition or Acceptance Requirements for the carriage of publications in electronic format onboard ship:

- Paris MoU
- Back-up Arrangements of Digital Products Carried On Board Ship

- Antigua and Barbuda
- Australia
- Bahamas
- Barbados
- Bermuda
- Cayman Islands
- Cyprus
- Denmark
- Finland
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- Greece
- Hong Kong
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- Liberia
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- Marshall Islands
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