Competency Based System

We offer a special client relationship to a small group of companies who seek tailored solutions that deliver effective memorable training material.

Examples of some projects conducted are:

Competency Development:
  • Shell: Competency Development 
  • This package is used as a coaching tool for Shell's sea staff.
    Over 1,000 sea staff undergo this development program every year, and have done since launch in 2004.

  • Shell: Professional Skills Development Reporting 
  • This allows reporting to a remote server 24/7.
    Stored in a compressed *.xml format it allows easy transmission from ship via Imarsat and reports on the staff progress in the Professional Skills Development package.

  • Northern Marine Management: Navigational Coaching Tool 
  • NMM wanted to find a simple but accurate solution to determining the navigational competency of officers during interview and for coaching sea staff, in response to the continuing high levels of casualties through grounding and collision in the Marine Industry.

  • Shetland Ferries: Crew Competency Coaching Tool 
  • Competency development Training for a fleet of 14 inter-island ferries.

  • Global LNG: LNG
  • A multimedia training and competency assessment package for officers on an LNG Carrier during intensive 28 day training voyages onboard ship.